Nurse Refuses To Perform CPR

An elderly woman died after a nurse at an aged care facility in California refused to perform CPR on an elderly patient despite a frantic 911 dispatcher pleading with her. Reason? Against the facility’s policy. She wouldn’t even pass the phone to someone willing to do it. Hmm, I wonder if it was a fellow nurse or staff member who had collapsed would she have been so callous? OK, I understand that some people sign a “do not resusitate” document when they enter such facilities but then why ring 911?   They obviously thought she could be saved. And anywho, even if the woman hadn’t have survived CPR  as a nurse you would think she would have at least TRIED. Humanity has gone to hell in a handbag.


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12 responses to “Nurse Refuses To Perform CPR

  1. If someone had been willing to do it why didn’t someone else step in and just do CPR anyway? Having said that I think when you get to a certain age too and you ask not to be resusitated they also need to respect that person’s wishes. So why call them? I’m not quite sure here who in fact called 911. Perhaps she had signed a “Do Not Resusitate” form as many do. After sitting in psych ward with Jan all those months I’d have decked anyone who had tried to resusitate him as he’d had enough and so had we all. Sometimes we need to be realistic. If there’s no quality of life I say let them go. Jan had no quality of life and he could have been fed by tubes but I said NO, enough was enough and not just from him. Many people suffer with them right to the end. Sometimes we all need to see the bigger picture. There’s probably a lot more to it Loon.

    • Andro

      I agree, when a life becomes so hopeless why do the doctors choose to keep them alive, they wouldn’t let an animal suffer like that so why humans? 😦 A very good point CQ xxx

  2. Sorry couldn’t get the video to open.

  3. I don’t know, this is not actually a nursing home but a independent living center. The nurse had an obligation to perform CPR unless there was some specific reason not to. Sounds to me like they have orders not to to protect the center from lawsuits, now they are really going to be struck between the eyes.

  4. They are but I’m sure there is somethuing else going on here.

  5. It is the policy of the home not to do so and supposedly the daughter knew this when she put her mother in the facility as she has stated she has no problems with the care

  6. She’s probably like my nieces. They are rubbing their hands together waiting for my mum to pass. Stealing her money to build a granny flat on to their already sprawling Tudor Country home. Oh well not long to wait for the rest now. I bet they don’t even call and ambo.

  7. I reckon when she passes that geanny flat will be a B & B lol.

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