Secret Bishop’s Business Infiltrated

Fake bishop gets into a  pre-conclave meeting An Aussie dude managed to get into a a pre-conclave meeting of cardinals at the Vatican by dressing as a bishop. Unfortunately he was busted because his cassock was too short, his crucifix a little bizarre and he wore a purple scarf instead of an Episcopal sash. Good try though.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Whoops!

9 responses to “Secret Bishop’s Business Infiltrated

  1. He should have brought an altar boy with him….problem solved…

  2. Apparently he still got in, though.

  3. No it was the puiple scarf. Purple is the colour that sexually frusutrated caradinals wear. I mean people . TRUE !

  4. Dude, a little research. You can’t go undercover half-cocked, even when it’s a bunch of Cardinals.

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