Lion Kills Woman Having Sex

Lion kills women while she's having sexOne of the many hazards of having sex in the bush in Zimbabwe is the possibility of being mauled by a rogue lion. The woman, known as  Mai Desire, was with her boyfriend doing a little hanky panky when the beast pounced. Unfortunately Desire was mauled to death while her boyfriend fled, naked and with a condom still on. Needless to say motorists were reluctant to stop for him. Another unidentified man was found mauled to death while rangers were out looking for the lion.


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15 responses to “Lion Kills Woman Having Sex

  1. can’t get any more coitus interruptus than that !

  2. nice to know he was practicing safe sex

  3. I’m thinking she must have been on top. Lions always attack the one on top first. It’s a matter of priorities. They should post a sign – “If you’re a bouncin, they’re a trouncin.” Or maybe just – “Warning, unsafe sex zone.”

    • if you’re right, then he really was practicing safe sex ! 😆

    • On top or not I think with my luck the lion would get my legs first. Imagine the scenario and what HE had to say. He’ll have to keep explaining this forever. It’s such a unique story. And the condom?? I think the excitment might have worn off by the time help became available. Billy Connelly once said about Coitis Interruptus…. “Wild horses wouldn’t make him pull out”. Well how about a Lion Billy lol?

  4. Talk about a disappointing climax! 😦

  5. I bet his name was Johnny Come Lately 🙂 lol

  6. She wasn’t wearing Vera Wang obviously. Maybe those protective bits would have helped. Come to think of it she wasn’t wearing anything…

  7. So all in all she was pretty much screwed which ever way you look at it 😦

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