Mind The Gap

angelDoes anyone remember the “Mind the gap” recording that played on the London tube for about 40 years? Well, it’s back. OK, it’s back on one station. The widow of Oswald Laurence, whose voice was used for the recordings, was horrified to discover that her late hubby’s voice was no longer being played at the Embankment station where she often went there to hear it. So she begged the Transport for London bosses to reinstate it so she can hear his voice  and they agreed.


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4 responses to “Mind The Gap

  1. Cool. At least one big monolithic company has a heart.

  2. celticqueen1

    Nope don’t remember it but nice touch

  3. Sadly I didn’t even know there was a recording…
    I’ve always LOVED the Underground graphic(s)… iconic…

  4. Mind the gap…absolute classic…I crack up laughing everytime I hear the announcement made….good on them bringing the old voice back…

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