8 Year Old Says I Do With 61 Year Old Woman

My dead relis made me do it. So says the 8 years old who has just tied the knot with a 61 year old woman. South African kid, Sanele Masilela, told his family he was scared to death of his dead ancestors who had told him he had to put a ring on the finger of mother of 5 Helen Shabangu… or else. So, with 100 guests in attendance the pint sized kid, married Helen.

Psst Don’t tell his dead relatives but the marriage isn’t legally binding. Phew.

Want sauce with that?


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5 responses to “8 Year Old Says I Do With 61 Year Old Woman

  1. Loon did you see on TV last night that 37 year old pigdog that married the 18 year old boy then three months later dumped him for a younger guy who is 16 years old. The mothers are beside themselves !! The last one was actually 15 and10 months when she slept with him while her ex husband (18 year old) slept on the couch EEEEK. She really is a dog !!!!

  2. Having sex with his new wife is like being born again….how traumatic…I hope the dead relies are happy now.

  3. ‘the happy couple’ don’t look particularly happy, do they ?

  4. What the…no can’t say it. Some people think I robbed the cradle.

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