Bus Driver Stops To Buy Sandwich

Bus driver stops to buy sandwichIn Britain, if a bus driver is hungry, he’ll just pull over to a shop and buy himself some food, even if he has a bus full of passengers, that’s just how they roll. The hungry driver who was in the middle of his route allegedly pulled up to the bakery, got off the bus and bought himself a nice old sandwich before reboarding and continuing on his merry way. Well, at least he didn’t stop to eat it.


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5 responses to “Bus Driver Stops To Buy Sandwich

  1. celticqueen1

    A guy gets hungry driving buses around all day. I guess they’re lucky he only wanted a sandwich. Could have been a long trip.

  2. At least he didn’t try taking that thing to a drive-thru…

  3. Red

    So, I would be wanting to know if he asked if anyone else wanted something whilst he was going…

  4. Binky

    They do that here, too. I think they have breaks, even with a full load of passengers.

  5. Hey, how can you argue with the driver when they want to stop someplace?

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