Way Less Scary

Remember Abu Hamza, the evil British radical hate cleric with one eye and a hook? Yeah him. Well anywho, he’s been sitting  in a cell friggin fuming since having been extradited to the US to face 11 terror charges.  Evidently, the yanks don’t take too kindly to terrorists having  large metal hooks on the end of their arms. No siree, they prefer them to have spoons, or in this case a spork.

Seems when he arrived in the US they removed his metal hook, making it near impossible for him to use the toilet  or turn on taps. Now lawyers are trying to get approval for him to replace the hook with a spork. Hmm, he could still poke someone’s eye out with one of that thing. Might want to make it a plastic spoon?

Not so scary now!!!

Not so scary now!!!


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13 responses to “Way Less Scary

  1. Take his stump of as well and feed him intravenously. A water blast with a fire hose would fix his dirty butt….GOD WILLING….

  2. Yeah like the yanks are gonna let him keep his hook!!!! Lol . Good on them for taking it off. How do you wipe your arse wih a hook I ask you??? Just use the hem of your skirt oh Fuming One.. Oh Allah, well he’s forgotten you even exist you piece of shit you!

  3. Yeah, well no you can’t have a hook in jail.

  4. susi spice

    is that a hook in your pants or u just happy to see me?? haha

  5. A SPORK!? That’s awesome. You know what might be better? Gumby. Yeah, a nice little green plastic Gumby.

  6. susi spice

    oooo what about a torch instead of a hand?? that could be useful in jail!!! he’d be like a very popular guy! or maybe a dildo..that way it cant get stuck up there…

  7. oh yes it can ….. refer to the Loon story on March 9, 2013.

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