19 Hole Golf Course in Illinois

This is not the hole in one you want on a golf course. Some poor golfer ended up falling down a 5.5m  sinkhole while playing in Illinois. It took 20 minutes to pull him out.


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8 responses to “19 Hole Golf Course in Illinois

  1. I went to New Zealand once and yes I actually lived to tell the tale. Eh bro? Their golf course in Rotarua has bubbling mud pools all over the place. Fenced off but I was terrified one might just appear. Why do they do this crazy stuff?

  2. When I was in the Navy stationed in the Azores, I played golf every weekend on a course where there was a special rule of a no-penalty drop if your ball fell into a volcanic crack.

    The course in the Philippines was even better – no grass, only smooth-raked sand and dirt.

  3. LIke Coober Peedy golf course in Central Australia. Red dust.

  4. Binky

    No doubt because he was trying to retrieve his ball.

  5. *Insert all of Bill Murray’s ‘Caddy Shack’ lines here*

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