You Suck

Bank robber flees with only lollipopsWhat’s the odds you get a friggin bitchy teller when attempting to rob a bank? Sheez. Some dude attempted to rob a New York bank by handing over a note to a teller which read “I have a bomb. Give me some money now”.  The teller responded with a curt, I don’t do notes, go fill out a withdrawal slip. The dumbass obliged, but wrote the same message on the slip. When he handed the slip back to the teller she told him to swipe his card, while  informing a colleague, in Spanish, they were being robbed. Meanwhile, the frustrated robber told her “Ma’am, I ain’t got no time for this,” and grabbed a fistful of lollipops before storming out. Hmm, maybe next time you should bring something that ticks?

Want sauce with that?


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, Sore Loser, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never, Whoops!

10 responses to “You Suck

  1. Give it to him it’s not yours anyway. MAKE HIS DAY!!

  2. yeah show them who is the boss…take the lollipops

  3. I guess Kojak just can’t find the work
    these days, mind you he still got his lollies 🙂 lol

  4. Red

    Proof yet again… Criminals iz stoopid.

  5. Time-management. So frequently overlooked.

  6. Sucks to get the orange lollipops.

  7. OMG Loon I hate orange as well. My sister used to buy orange things and wrapt them up as small gifts for me. Orange sponges, orange tea towels you name it , she’d find it. Now you know why I hate her.

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