Seatbelt Tee

Of all the stupidest ideas, a Chinese designer has created a  t-shirt with a black strap running diagonally across the chest so you can fool Chinese police into believing you are wearing a seatbelt. Hmm, but will it stop you flying through the window if you get into a crash?

Seatbelt t-shirt


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11 responses to “Seatbelt Tee

  1. In Daylesdford that’s the least of our problems. Nobody wears one and there are no traffic lights here either. Just a couple of roundabouts so nobody cares. Soooo bad !

    • A roundabout at each end of town should keep the bogans going up and down the street without making dangerous three point turns…handy…so where can I get one of these Tshirts? I like to choose if I want to go through the windscreen or not…that is if I can beat the exploding airbag to it…it may save me from my nose bone piercing my brain…..

  2. There are some crazy ideas around
    Loon and this one is definitely one of them,
    mind you there will be a lot of dumb asses
    wearing them 😦 lol I hope that you are
    enjoying the cooler weather and being a
    wicked Loon also 😉 xxx

  3. Another great attempt at culling the herd.

  4. Binky

    Anyone who wears it gets what they deserve in a crash.

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