Roaches On Coaches

New York bound bus infested with roachesOh for crying out loud people, roaches can take holidays too. Seems passengers on a bus going from Atlantic City to New York got all uppity when they realised a family of cockroaches were onboard. Yeah sure, it was a friggin big ,extended family of roaches but people, how do you think they were going to get back to New York… hitch hike? One disgusted passenger said “I sat down – roaches started crawling up on our clothes, falling down from the ceiling. Everything,”  OK, fine, I agree the roaches should have been more polite and just sat quietly at the back of the bus but really, did you have to make the bus driver pull over and radio for assistance?


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4 responses to “Roaches On Coaches

  1. No but I would have made him stop to buy the creepy crawly spray . EEEK . Roaches do absolutely nothing for me Loon KILL THEM ALL!!

  2. Binky

    Roaches have to have a vacation, too.

  3. Red

    See, if they had not lost all their money in AC, they simply would have flown home. Geez.

  4. just some poor roaches who lost everything on one final bet trying to get home to mama… they had a great time, though… they were whales (and treated accordingly) until their money ran out…

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