If you go down to the woods today, You’re sure of a big surprise

Dude, just a little sniff....

Dude, just a little sniff….

How can you spot a Russian bear? It’s the one passed out after sniffing aviation fuel. Seems the Soviet brown bears have become quite the junkies. They love nothing better than taking deep breaths from the discarded fuel barrels (at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve) before digging a shallow hole in the snow to trip out. Hmm, I’m guessing Goldilocks is probably a crack ho too.

Want sauce with that?


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10 responses to “If you go down to the woods today, You’re sure of a big surprise

  1. Goldilocks a crack ho? I think you are onto something here… HSBC Bank has just been caught laundering 881 million dollars (the amount we know of) to a Mexican and Colombian drug cartel… No charges where laid and the bank is continuing the laundering laughing at the system that refuses to lay charges and shut them down. The whole of the USA will be a basket case soon…. Prepare and run….Oh.. where to? Join the bears?

  2. Oh I love that little bear Loon.

  3. Red

    You know she just wanted the porridge bc she had the crash munchies.

  4. I thought they were into Vodka…

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