Obama Lookalike Cast As Satan

Coincidence? Seems many of the 13.1 million viewers of the History Channel’s tv series, The Bible, thought the devil looked remarkably like President Obama. What ya think?

Psst Ironically no one was the slight bit upset that the show represented “Satan” as a black man. Ah, how the times are a changing.

OK, he kinda has his eyes.

OK, he kinda has his eyes.


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10 responses to “Obama Lookalike Cast As Satan

  1. Obama, I am your father.

  2. Nope chins are different and the devil has a big lump on his face. They don’t look alike at all but there again…… actually I think I see Obama 10 years down the track.

  3. Red

    I think they all used the paint cloth to wipe their eyes.

  4. guess it’s not as subliminal as they’d hoped!


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