Thanks A Friggin Lot NASA

NASA says to pray if a large asteroid heads to earth  OK loons, you might want to scratch NASA and Bruce Willis off your contact list. They ain’t gonna save you if an asteroid comes a calling. In fact, the advice from NASA’s chief is ….. pray. Yep, he says, no can do to saving our sorry asses if an asteroid comes hurtling towards us. Evidently, NASA have found 95% of  all asteroids that are big enough to wipe out civilization but they say none pose an immediate threat. No word on the 5% by any chance? And anywho, the big ones aren’t what we should be worried about, the fact that NASA didn’t see the Russian asteroid coming makes me more way more nervous and makes me question what the hell they do all day? Hmm, now where did I put my hard hat?



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16 responses to “Thanks A Friggin Lot NASA

  1. Binky

    The figure I heard is we know about only 20-30% of the ones that are out there. And the real threat is probably from one that will literally come out of left field because its orbit is so big we won’t see it until it’s too late.

  2. Never mind, we’ll all go together, now won’t that be fun? Here I was hoping that I’d get some respite from my mother! Looking very bleak for me now.

  3. Look up, run across the road, cover your head…..the sky is falling.

  4. Hmm… how can they predict that percentage if the unknown quantity is… you know… unknown?!

  5. And what has the Australian Space Agency done for us lately?

  6. Red

    Is hard hat just thin code for tin foil hat?

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