Flaming Snake

OK, here’s the thing lady. When you see a nasty old snake slithering around your yard, don’t be pouring no gasoline on it and setting it alight as it may just end up burning your house friggin down. Snakes are like that. No word on what type of snake became a moving flame but it ignited a brush pile which created a bigger fire which then resulted in her and her neighbor’s house catching fire.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Wildlife, Whoops!

9 responses to “Flaming Snake

  1. Gad, only in Texas. Really? I hope they charge her with too stupid to even be in Texas.

  2. Red

    The idjit should be charged with cruelty to animals and operating a flame source without a brain.

  3. In Oz we’d just slice it’s head off with a spade because waiting for the snake catcher would mean the snake would be long gone. Sorry but most of our snakes are deadly! Setting it on fire was really dumb and cruel.

  4. Or it was a smarter snake than she thought …. i.e PAYBACK! lol

  5. The mongrel should be charged with animal cruelty. No excuses for such a cruel act, imagine the slow painful death the snake must’ve suffered.

  6. Yeah got her and her neighbour so next time you see a snake don’t call for help from next door. Now just thinking back this is what my crazy neighbor did. He said he saw a snake in my yard which I haven’t seen for ages. The thing is neighbour, don’t tell me you have two girls who may or may not get bitten. I can’t kill something I can’t see so get your friggin spade and chop it’s head off quickly and humanely. YES I know it’s poisonous so get to it next time

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