Hey, Stop Pushing In I Was Here First

Federal Aviation Administration will be closing 149 air traffic control towersThis is not going to end well. The Federal Aviation Administration will be closing 149 air traffic control towers at small airports across the US. The airports will all remain open but instead of ground controllers directing air traffic,  pilots will be coordinating takeoffs and landings among themselves over a shared radio frequency. Hmm, the producers of Air Crash Investigation will be pleased.


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18 responses to “Hey, Stop Pushing In I Was Here First

  1. Pooh. Pilots of light planes do that all the time. It is called a CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency). Its like a party line for aircraft. As you approach the airfield, you get on the frequency and announce what your intentions are. Others around the airport hear you and let you know their intentions also. Its been like that for decades.

  2. Yeah right! Coming in from Maroochidore a small plane got in our way and we couldn’t land. That was with a Traffic Controller!!! An accident waiting to happen I reckon! Someone is bound to slip up.

  3. susi spice

    maybe they are working on the “its fine itll only reduce the surplus population” anyway. maybe they consider the people who fly in and out of those particular airport areas to be of no big loss if something happens. haha

    oh well guess more AirCrash investigators show will have more to do! haha

  4. Well, I hope they publish the list of these airports so all of us who fly frequently can avoid them.

  5. susi spice

    Friggin Loon..put the microwave popcorn on will ya? i think we are in for some double episodes

  6. You’ll be getting double episodes and I get nothing. Downton Abbey isn’t on next week at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No…. what will I do next Sunday night? I love that show. I actually think Mr. Bates is quite cute.

  7. Shouldn’t be a problem it works on the road with cars, trucks & motorcycles without any prob……
    On 2nd thoughts they better keep the towers.

  8. Yes I watch that programme too Loon, I wonder what will happen next? 😦 lol That is the craziest idea that I have ever heard of 😦 Hmm…

  9. No! No! Your OTHER left!!!

  10. I got lost at Downtown Abbey… good thing I’m not flying…

    (do they use the 80/20 rule?)

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