Free Pizza With Every Vasectomy

Free pizza with every vasectomyIf there ever was an incentive to have a vasectomy guys, free pizza maybe it. A clinic in Cape Cod is having a March Madness special on the big snip by including a coupon for a Surf’s Up free large one-topping pizza. Just think, more for you less for the kids.


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11 responses to “Free Pizza With Every Vasectomy

  1. I think this goes hand in hand with the IQ post lol or hand and something else lol

  2. It had better be one excellent pizza!

  3. But without sauce Binky lol

  4. Less kids to share it with. I’ve already had one. I wonder if I can get another to get the pizza deal???
    I must say though that one lousy topping for chopping your manhood is pretty stingy. I’d at least expect a super supreme with extra cheese.

  5. Now that’s a real snip of an idea Loon 🙂 lol
    Hey… How are you my great friend? 🙂 xxx

  6. I imagine the pizza comes in about a million pieces…

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