Just One More Sip

Caretaker drinks $102,400 worth of whiskeyA whiskey loving caretaker is in big trouble after he was accused of drinking 52 bottles of 1912 Old Farm Pure Rye Whiskey from a mansion in Pennsylvania. The rare alcohol had been found concealed in the walls of the mansion in 2012 having been hidden there by industrialist J.P. Brennan during prohibition. The 52 of the 108 bottles guzzled by the caretaker were valued at $102,400.


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8 responses to “Just One More Sip

  1. Binky

    I hope he left a big tip.

  2. Never mind when e he sobers up he’ll have to work it off.

  3. Obviously has a rich cheek about him 🙂

  4. Hey, what happened to finders keepers ?

  5. Dunc it wasn’t lost it was hidden.

  6. Red

    That is some expensive hooch…

  7. And now he must work for free for the next eight years. What a bummer. I guess he should have bought some cheap stuff to refill the bottles before anyone found out. Then he could have got a kick out of the rich bastards tossing back shots of Canadian Mist and touting the flavor.

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