Pillow Talk

Hugh Hefner slept with over 1000 womenEver wondered how many women Hugh Hefner slept with? Yeah, me neither, but evidentally it’s lots. Hef told Esquire mag it was over a thousand.  Which isn’t many considering how old he is…just saying.


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9 responses to “Pillow Talk

  1. I more wonder how many slept while Hugh thought he was having a good time.

  2. The girls must be desperate.

  3. Loon I heard he uses a sleep aponea machine. Now that mus tbe a real turn on or off.

  4. I think you have to look on the bright side of things with Hugh. He’s an old fart been there done that albeit with everyone and anyone. Been jilted, bounced back and married the biatch anyway. He seems to be always very positive and I like positivity in a guy. On the other hand maybe he’s so rich he doesn’t need to get negative as if I’d been left paying for a wedding that didn’t happen I’d hunt her down and KEEEEEL her. So I suppose Hugh deserves to have all those gorgeous Bunnies around him.I mean how many of us will be able to “HOP TO IT” at 86? Go Hughie!

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