How Would You Like Your Spam?

Problem solved

Problem solved

Standby loons, you maybe getting a whole lotta spam. Despite the internet surviving the biggest cyber attack in history we may soon discover the inbox of dispair. An almighty war has broken out  between a spam-fighting group and hosting firm… and it’s getting ugly. Spamhaus, who are non profit group which helps block those pesky spam emails like Viagra and penis pumps decided to block the servers of a Dutch web host company called Cyberbunker because they suspected their servers we being used for malicious purposes. Cyberbunker, who will host just about anything short of child porn, went all WTF on them and are now suspected of using their “criminal gangs” contacts to attack Spamhaus. The attack has been on going for more than  a week and despite Spamhaus having to fight off 300 gb/s (gigabits per second) of spam they have so far managed to stay online. Unfortunately, the result is a slow down of the internet globally as many of the world’s largest  internet companies rely on Spamhaus to filter spam. If Spamhaus folds, god help us all.

Psst Hmm, frightening to think no one has the power to stop this. How are my Nigerian friends going to keep in contact. I need that damn $2 million inheritance .


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5 responses to “How Would You Like Your Spam?

  1. Inheritance???? they just want to give it to me !

  2. I got an email with a phone number so I rang him to see if I could speed things up a bit and all I got was this big deep voice saying HALLOOOOOOOO. Then he hung up. Really wasn’t interested in giving me anything at all. BAS***D!

  3. Hmm… so… you’re saying you don’t have that 2 million yet? Because I’ve got this incredible investment opportunity you might like to hear about…

  4. On the bright side, we may now be getting some really great offers!

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