Oh No, He Has A Floppy Disk

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Kim Jong Un produces a floppy disk. Does anyone have Windows 3.0–Windows NT????

Kim Jong Un has a floppy disk


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14 responses to “Oh No, He Has A Floppy Disk

  1. No wonder the poor bugger doesn’t look too happy – not much one can do with a “floppy” one

  2. Look, finally, a third world problem.

  3. Attila the Mom


  4. Binky

    Perhaps it the deadly ninja star floppy.

  5. Oh..no..the Loons archive on floppy disk in the hands of a fat obnioxious pig…

  6. “Stand back while I whip this out.”

  7. Aw, look… it matches his onesie…

  8. I feel better about the future of Austin now.

  9. Anonymous

    Silly ‘mericans… I have Leisure Suit Larry 4

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