An Eye For An Eye

An eye for an eye policy in Suadi ArabiaA word of warning to anyone thinking of committing a crime in Saudi Arabia, they have an eye for an eye justice policy. A court has just given the thumbs up for a man to have his spinal cord severed as punishment for stabbing his childhood buddy in the back. Ten years ago when Ali al-Khawahir was 14 he stabbed his friend leaving him paralysed, now after spending a decade in prison he has to come up with £176,000 in compensation or suffer the same fate.


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9 responses to “An Eye For An Eye

  1. At least the Arabs got something right…spinal cord severed? phewwww…it hurts already…

  2. susi spice

    Yup I agree, that’s how it should be for all crimes committed with intent. Let’s bring that here. For example if some stupid thief breaks into an old persons home beating them to a pulp, then the thief should be placed in his cell and be told “it’ll happen when u least expect it” and he too will get beaten to a pulp in the same way he did to the old person. Where can we sign this petition?

  3. You’d think it would be a choice between staying in prison or having his spin cut, not paying a bunch of money. Now the onus falls on his family to raise the cash, meaning the rich get out of the punishment all the time and the poor get screwed. On the other hand, every other legal system also seems to work that way.

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