Naked Dancing Dude

Intruder found dancing naked inside houseYou know what I hate? When you come home and find some dude dancing naked in your house . I really friggin hate that, especially when he refuses to leave. When El Paso cops arrived they found the intruder still inside but he had quit dancing and was just lying on the bed starkers. Oh why, oh why didn’t they report what kind of dance he was doing, so I could get the full picture in my head? Now all I see is a naked man dancing like Ellen .


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12 responses to “Naked Dancing Dude

  1. Use your imagination Loon…Was he doing Swan Lake?

  2. Well, I want to know was he good looking?

  3. Just lounging around?! Seems like he could have cleaned-up the place at least… or… something…

  4. Griffin

    If he had been washing the dishes, wouldn’t even have been reported!!

  5. Crap! Now I have this with some nekkid drunken toothless dude stuck in my head…..


  6. I heard that there were some balloons found
    too so how about that for a picture, balloon dancing
    is popular in some countries 🙂 lol

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