Death Of Two Legends

Today sees the passing of two iconic figures, Annette Funicello (original member of the Mickey Mouse Club) and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (original member of the Iron Lady club).

Psst Never thought you would see  Annette Funicello and Margaret Thatcher mentioned in the same sentence did you?


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7 responses to “Death Of Two Legends

  1. Anette and I were of the same age. I watched the Mickey Mouse Club only so I could see her as she went through puberty.

  2. Binky

    Didn’t Annette have MS? I hadn’t heard she died.

  3. My husband had a thing fro Annette. He always mentioned her when talking about The Mickey Mouse Club. We did have that show in Scotland. She must have been a hottie too lol

  4. This is how Scots in George Square, Glasgow, reacted on hearing the news that Margaret Thatcher had died

  5. Like her or loathe her .. he’s dead and half of this mob wouldn’t even remember her of what she stood for. Now if it was Julia… nah I can’t go there. You can’t either Mega.

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