Homeless Jesus Homeless

Seems the Catholic church isn’t too receptive to displaying a bronze sculpture depicting Jesus as a homeless man sleeping on a park bench. Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, has had his piece “Homeless Jesus” rejected by two prominent churches.  Well not, by the rectors, they loved it, and got the whole “Jesus identifying with the poorer citizens” theme but by the higher powers that be.  They thought it would be too controversial.

Homeless Jesus on a bench sculpture rejected


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4 responses to “Homeless Jesus Homeless

  1. I think it’s great. Not enough people identify with the homeless in our own countries.

  2. Well you know show this one and the higher ups might have to give up their gold encrusted rubs and LB slippers. I think it is spectacular.

  3. The clerical rejection is irony at the highest level. (Not the ‘highest’, but they think so)…The meek shall inherit the earth.

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