Avoid Accidental Incest App

Icelandic Incest Detector AppA group of Icelandic engineers have created an app for locals to prevent accidental incest. Due to Iceland’s small population, odds are relatively high you could be dating a descendant or cousin without knowing it. Enter “Islendinga-app”, the app that checks your family tree so you can avoid unnecessary inbreeding and awkwardly embarrassing Christmas dinners. The app also comes with an incest alarm. Hmm, might want to avoid your parents downloading it …. just saying.

Psst In an ironic little twist the app is only available for Android phones.

Want sauce with that?


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11 responses to “Avoid Accidental Incest App

  1. Okay way to push your competition out of the market. Still seems like a good product! Should be sold in some US states.

  2. Android only? Phew Im of the hook….:)

  3. Didn’t they used to do this on ‘Love Connection’…
    They had those numbers that would flip around and then determine your probability of being related to the other ‘contestants’?
    Wait… that doesn’t seem quite right…

  4. I used to live and work in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. No need for this kind of app there. All you need do is look in the telephone directory – only about 10 friggin surnames !


  5. I knew those robots were being fed
    wickedness, it’s Judgement Day for real 🙂 lol

    Have a fun day today Loon xxx

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