Will He Ever Learn?

Naked wheelchair bound shoplifter caughtA wheelchair bound shoplifter with mutliple arrests has done it again, but this time he was caught in the produce aisle naked with cherry tomatoes covering his privates. He was also caught concealing a half frozen  Jimmy Dean sausage sandwich (location not disclosed) . Ewh, I hope they didn’t put them back on the shelf.

Psst Seattle.


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5 responses to “Will He Ever Learn?

  1. I’m sure they ran them through the produce sprinklers before re-shelving.

  2. Just another fun filled day here in Seattle!

  3. That’s why he was walking funny… How do you mean why? Well have you ever heard of anyone trying to walk normally with a Jimmy Dean sausage sandwich in their ass crack? 😦 lol No me neither…

    Be good but stay wicked my great friend,
    by the way have I ever told you that your
    Space is one of the most wickedest in WP? 🙂 🙂 xxx

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