Boston Naked Guy Still a Mystery

Some of you who were glued to the TV during the Boston Marathon bombing drama will remember the naked guy that CNN splashed across the screens claiming to be the captured Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Well, the Boston police, who refluted CNN’s claims, haven’t released the naked dude’s details, raising the collective eyebrows of conspiracy theorists worldwide. Who is the Boston Naked Guy? Why hasn’t he come forward to lay claim to his awesome physique and gain his 15 seconds of fame? What the hell was doing there?Why did they strip him naked? Why did they blurred out the best bits? So many questions so few answers.

Who is the Boston naked guy


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6 responses to “Boston Naked Guy Still a Mystery

  1. I had most, but not all, of those same thoughts while watching the big capture drama unfold over he weekend. But then I went into media overload and completely forgot about him. I haven’t watched very much of the follow-up “everybody’s got an opinion” reports, but I don’t recall a single mention of him in what I’ve seen.

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