Skimpy Bathers Banned From United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates bans skimpy swim suitsPack away your bikinis and budgie smugglers would-be United Arab Emirates travellers because  they are planning to ban you from wearing skimpy swim suits on their beaches. Seems you are upsetting the locals who can’t take the muffin tops and wobbly bits any longer.


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4 responses to “Skimpy Bathers Banned From United Arab Emirates

  1. Ok … bulldoze the place and turn it back into a desert…Once again problem solved…

  2. susi spice

    I’m not a prude, but really I agree there are people who should not be allowed to wear Speedos, Brazilian string bikinis on any beach anywhere in the universe!! It’s their country they can do way they want… As Australia should too

    • There should be no law regarding wearing of clothes of any kind anywhere on the planet. I say go naked that way nobody has a problem with skimpy outfits. The human body is what it is and if we think of it as obscene or dirty, we have a serious mental problem… Thank religion for that one….

  3. Their country, shocked it took this long actually.

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