When Ghosts Go Wild

Ghosts terrorize French familyOh dear, a house full of  ghosts is giving a French family grief. Not happy to share the house, the ghosts have  resorted to throwing things at the family, and by throwing things I mean a chair in the face and a soap tray in the back. It also seems they don’t  like their friends either, a visitor was taken to hopsital after being stoned by one of the angry apparitions. Despite the arrival of an exorcist the family have decided to stay at a campsite while the local
council find them another place to live. Ghosts 1, family 0.


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3 responses to “When Ghosts Go Wild

  1. Doesn’t seem like the sort of stuff I’d be interested in doing if I was a ghost.

  2. My ghost was a bit more boring. It just stood there for a few minutes then went into a ball of light…. in a BEAM ME UP SCOTTY kind of way but appeared at the foot of my bed then BOOOF ….gone. All over in a short space of time…thank God. my sister and I almost sh*t ourselves. After David Ducovney and The X Files started showing I wondered what I REALLY saw. Not sure of the spelling of his name. There is definitely something else out there DO DO DO DO!

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