Snot Nice

Eating snot could be healthyA Saskatchewan uni professor claims that picking your nose and eating your own booger might just be healthy. Seems those pathogens floating around in the mucus might actually teach the immune system  a thing or two. Dude you got too much time on your hands…or snot. Oh and please don’t tell my mom, broccoli is bad enough!!!

Want sauce with that?


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12 responses to “Snot Nice

  1. Binky

    Maybe those snakes from the hospital got into the university, too.

  2. Come on Loony one broccoli is snot that bad now is it? Snot as bad as butter beans. Ewh! hate butter beans. I think my mum gave us them cause they were big just to fill us up. Friggin gross.

  3. talking about ‘gross’ – let’s snot forget brussel sprouts !

    • Duncan it’s all in the cooking with Brussel Sprouts. You need to just steam them till they are soft , not mushy, lighty fry them with some good quality bacon ,chopped in small pieces. One small onion chopped and fried also but at the end as onion cooks quickly when chopped. Add some cracked pepper, salt and a tiny bit of garlic if you so desire. My mother just gave us boiled sroupts GADS!!!

  4. Thanks for reminding me. Few months back I got food poisoning and broccoli came shooting through my nose as I vomited.

  5. I bet he invented the term ‘Pick, Lick, Roll and
    Flick’ too, naaaaah because he eats them I forgot 🙂 lol
    What a dirty sod 😦 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuw

  6. You have such a way with words 😉

  7. Something tells me he’s preformed his own study?
    ‘No… um… that’s okay, professor… you can just… um… keep the paper… I didn’t really want it back, anyway…’

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