“Bomb” Will Get You In Trouble Every Time

Man with Tourettes told couldn't fly because he said bombA man was not allowed to board a plane from the US to Puerto Rico because he kept repeating the word “bomb”. Steady on loons, the man has Tourette Syndrome and when he gets nervous he sometimes says  things he’s trying to suppress, like all the Boston bombing mayhem. His friends had notified the airline and TSA about his condition prior but obviously they didn’t take it into consideration. Sheez , he could have sat next to me, I wouldn’t have cared , I’m more worried about the plane crashing.


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9 responses to ““Bomb” Will Get You In Trouble Every Time

  1. Yeah by a bomb Loon or by the Tourette’s arms thrashing around as they can do. Tourette’s Syndrome can be an alarming condition. We had a guy on our train who went to a sheltered workshop during the day. He worked regular hours but there were always vacant seats around him in the train. I wonder why? One flanny clad guy got in one night and Mr Tourette objected strongly to ” SOMETHING” and it was on for young and old. As luck would have it that night the transit police arrived and moved the young guy. I felt after that incident that maybe they need to have a travelling companion to prevent situations such as this arising. Many things happened on that train. In fact when I arrived at work my colleagues used to ask how the “train” people were lol. Melbourne / Sydenham line was well known for druggies and chromers. I thought one chromer had toothpaste on his mouth but it was paint. The guy I travelled with insisted we move and I couldn’t work out why. The chromer was sucking paint fumes out of a plastic bag. I couldn’t even smell it but Ron did .lol I could write a book about that line.

  2. Fu#k..f@#k…f&#k…sh:-) t…. Bomb…. Moving on now.

  3. I remember watching an Oprah show where this poor white women with Tourettes had to relocate from Harlem because every time she saw a black person she would say “n***er”. 😦 She tried so hard not to say it but the more she tried the worse it became. I couldn’t imagine having no control over what I said

  4. The guy on our train was Maltese so ” Madonna” copped most of it. I did worry about the fact that he was being offensive through no fault of his own but his life on this line was very much in danger and of being bashed. Not everyone is aware of the symptoms.

  5. Speaking of bombs again I just heard on the news at seven that the dead bomber had a discussion with his mother in 2011 about Jihad he was going to carry out. The call was intercepted by the Russians yet nothing was ever reported to the FBI. Perhaps if it had been they could have monitored more closely and all of this could have been thwarted.

  6. Tourette Syndrome = What a
    load of crap I don’t believe it 😦

    Another BS new-age illness…
    Who fuckin’ said that? Bastard… lol

    I hope you are enjoying a
    nice Monday Loon 🙂 xxxx

  7. They are wonderful knights who provide such great entertainment. I can’t believe more people aren’t interested in it. Costumes and armour is amazing and all hand made by the wenches and the knights They even have a Hurdie Gurdie lol. I think you’d enjoy.

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