Carnival Game 1, Henry Gribbohm 0

Good grief, some dude in the US used his entire life savings on … wait for it… a carnival game. Yep, he lost the lot ($2,600) trying to win an Xbox Kinect  by throwing balls into a bucket but instead got himself an enormous stuffed yellow banana with dreadlocks for his troubles. Oh for crying out loud Henry Gribbohm when you lost the first $300 you should never have gone home to get $2,300 more.  And as for Xbox Kinect, you should give him a freeby for all the publicity the loser  Henry is receiving.


Filed under Sore Loser, Thanks For Nothing, They Live Among Us !, Whoops!

11 responses to “Carnival Game 1, Henry Gribbohm 0

  1. Henry is better off with his $2300 banana then with a new Xbox. Silly billy Henry…. 🙂

  2. He had fun obviously lol

  3. susi spice

    We’ll obviously didn’t hurt him to lose all that money… Sucker born every minute. Stooge.

  4. Lets just talk about the fact the stupid Xbox Kinect 4G costs approximately $289 US with all the bells and whistles.

    What an idiot.

    • I know ….awesome foolishness.

      • Yeah Awesome! Lol Now Loon you are aware that our very own Judith Lucy said that the word “awesome” is not a word we should use after 50 as it’s not COOL. Yeah right so Judith just all of a sudden changed her ways. I don’t believe FCUK is all that awesome either and she never stops using that one. She hasn’t been the same since she did those shows on religion.

    • LOL, Judith Lucy is only 45 . I love that word . And I also love to say foolishness but I mught stop when I reach 50 😉

  5. I laughed when she said it as it’s soooo not Judith Lucy. I also laughed when a friend said to her that she must be relieved to know that her parents weren’t her REAL parents. Lol Awesome !

  6. I want that damn banana…here take my money

  7. Have to admit Loon he looks a bit boganish. Colourful with all the tats but maybe not the brightest crayon in the box. I heard on the news tonight that he got a refund of $600.00 so he’s only out of pocket $2000.00 now and he still has the banana .

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