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When Ghosts Go Wild

Ghosts terrorize French familyOh dear, a house full of  ghosts is giving a French family grief. Not happy to share the house, the ghosts have  resorted to throwing things at the family, and by throwing things I mean a chair in the face and a soap tray in the back. It also seems they don’t  like their friends either, a visitor was taken to hopsital after being stoned by one of the angry apparitions. Despite the arrival of an exorcist the family have decided to stay at a campsite while the local
council find them another place to live. Ghosts 1, family 0.


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Snakes Alive In Hospital

What the hell was that

What the hell was that?

Feet up patients in a Saskatchewan hospital, you got snakes. Over a hundred of the slimy reptiles have been found slithering around the basement and wards since February. Officials say they are harmless little garter snakes but you might want to sleep with one eye open anyways.


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The Difference Between A Cat and a Dog

Nothing like a shell game to prove who’s smarter ……


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Just Another Wal-Mart Offering

Wal-Mart employee soliciting in store bathroomA multi-tasking, entrepreneurial employee of Wal-Mart has allegedly been operating a side business in the store bathroom. Yes, he’d been soliciting Wal-Mart customers for a little hanky panky in the toilets. In an act of pure genius he had been using Craigslist as his advertising platform for which to organise dates and times, then  he’d toddle off during his break to perform sex acts with them for money. On the days he wasn’t working at Wal-Mart  he would use the bathrooms at Crandall Public Library. Sheez, talk about a man in demand.

Want sauce with that?

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Tyre Slasher Just Wanted To Meet Women

Tyre slasher just wanted to meet womenOh no Mr Harada, slashing women’s car tyres as a way to start up a conversation is no way to find a wife. The Japanese man has been accused of slashing up to a 1000 tyres in a desperate attempt to meet women. Mr Harada would use a screwdriver to puncture the tire then offer to help change it when the woman returned to her car.  Gee whiz , he’s a keeper, Craigslist would be so proud.


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Burglar Rings To Report Another Burglar

Burglar rings olice to report another burglarOh for the love of Darwin, a burglar in Romania was so concerned that a noise he heard while robbing a house was another burglar he called police to report it. When police arrived they found no other burglar and arrested the fool. Seems the noise he heard was the family cat.


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Boston Naked Guy Still a Mystery

Some of you who were glued to the TV during the Boston Marathon bombing drama will remember the naked guy that CNN splashed across the screens claiming to be the captured Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Well, the Boston police, who refluted CNN’s claims, haven’t released the naked dude’s details, raising the collective eyebrows of conspiracy theorists worldwide. Who is the Boston Naked Guy? Why hasn’t he come forward to lay claim to his awesome physique and gain his 15 seconds of fame? What the hell was doing there?Why did they strip him naked? Why did they blurred out the best bits? So many questions so few answers.

Who is the Boston naked guy


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Skimpy Bathers Banned From United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates bans skimpy swim suitsPack away your bikinis and budgie smugglers would-be United Arab Emirates travellers because  they are planning to ban you from wearing skimpy swim suits on their beaches. Seems you are upsetting the locals who can’t take the muffin tops and wobbly bits any longer.


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Patty’s Awesome Old Fashioned Popcorn

Some of you may not have heard I won a tin of Patty’s Old Fashioned Popcorn from a Bearman competition a few weeks back. Yay me. Anywho, it finally arrived, which is remarkable considering Bearman used friggin popcorn to pack it. Hello, Australian Customs have a serious uber food restriction policy. Sheez Bearman, I could have ended up on Border Security!!!  Luckily I realized it was popcorn packing before I began scoffing it . But the bonus is I have kept it to regift to Susi Spice (shhhh just don’t tell her). I can’t believe how enormous American popcorn is, talk about supersized. I chose a mixture of Patty’s cheese and caramel popcorn which was simply mouthwatering. Thank you Bearman for such a marvelous taste treat. It is nearly worth getting on a plane and heading to friggin Ohio home of Bearman just to restock my popcorn.

Claudius smelled something was up

Claudius smelled something was up

WTF, this ain't kitty treats

WTF, this kitty litter is weird

Patty's Old Fashioned Popcorn arrives

It's a Bearman toon!!!

It’s a Bearman toon!!!


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Epic First Day On The Job Fail

Oh no, here’s the thing AJ Clemente, you should always be conscious of floor managers and  live mics. That was a suspension right there. Another star is born on Youtube.


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