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On The Bright Side, Free Food and Board

Woman left in jail for 19 years because couldn't pay $92 bailYou think you’ve had it tough? Spare a thought for an Indian woman who spent 19 years in jail because she couldn’t afford the $92 bail. OK, sure she was in jail for murder but she had no idea that the judge had granted her bail. Her son, who she gave birth to in jail, spent years working in a garment factory to save up for the money. This week she was finally released.

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Chicken Diapers

Move over cats and dogs we have a new pet in town…. chickens. Yep, thanks to a poultry loving lady in New Hampshire, who has created diapers and rooster proof saddles for these feathered friends, the birds can now frolick inside your house without fear of making a poop. Julie Baker says she wants to be part of the ‘Backyard Chicken’ movement”. Interested? You can purchase the diapers at Pampered Poultry dot com.


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What’s The Odds?

A news crew in the US, about to do a live feed about a man who had been missing for 14 hours, were bemused when he walked into shot .


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Snakes Alive and Owner Not So

Mayan Pyramid BulldozedOh for the love of …. a man reported missing in Germany was found dead in his home surround by 40 friggin enormous snakes. Experts believe the only reasons the snakes didn’t make a meal of him was he was too big to swallow whole and they like eating their prey alive. Oh, dear lord..eek. The man is believed to have died of a heart attack while feeding his slimy creatures.


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Hey, Want To Buy A Slightly Used Rug?

A New York man has been nabbed stealing  rugs from ATM vestibules. Despite being accused of stealing 6 of the $400 floor coverings, police  suspect he’s stolen over 32 . Why, you may well ask? Hmm, seems he flogs them for 30 bucks apiece.  Money for jam.


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Fresh Air and Breeze Blowing Through Your Hair

The best excuse ever for putting your kid in a cage with a dog in the back of a pickup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike…. ‘I don’t want no dog to suffer. That’s like animal cruelty to me, you know, the dog crying like that.’


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There’s No Place Like Gnome

Seems the gnome loving nation of England are none too pleased with IKEA’s latest advertising campaign . Nobody likes seeing gnomes viciously attacked and then being replaced by IKEA furniture. One protester proclaimed ‘Garden gnomes will live longer than Ikea furniture.’


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Baby Found In Sewer Pipe

Of all the most disturbing things I have read over the years, this one pretty much takes the cake. Some lowlife parents of a newborn baby flushed him down a toilet because they didn’t want him. Fortunately residents in the apartment building reported the sound of a baby crying in a sewer pipe and called authorities. The baby was eventually extracted from the 4 inch wide pipe and remains in a stable condition despite being covered in crap. No word on who the parents are.

Psst China


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No One Cuts My Son From The Team

Father sues school for $40 millionA father is suing a New Jersey high school for $40 million because his 16 year old son was cut from the track team. There goes the family tradition of track winners and a college athletic scholarship out the window. The angry father said his son’s booting off the team was due to a falling out with the coach. The school says it was due to unexcused absences. Sheez, if he wins his son will never have to run again.

Want sauce with that?


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