Is Your Kid A Psychopath?

Scientists can tell if your child is a psychopathWant to know if your kid is a psychopath? Wonder no more.  The University College London can tell you with a simple brain scan. Scientists there have been testing kids between 10-16 to see if a certain region of their brain shows reduced activity when they see images of people in pain. If they do, viola, you have a potential psychopath on your hands. Hmm, not really sure what you do with that information but maybe you should start by hiding the pets 😦

Want sauce with that?


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19 responses to “Is Your Kid A Psychopath?

  1. Binky

    May be best not to know some things.

  2. megagetoverit

    No kids….no psychos…life is good…oops I just spilled some red wine on my crutch…

  3. How about that kid that the father took to visit their new baby in hospital and she told her daddy it was UGLY and they should BURY it. So cool. Potential psycho or what! Lol.

  4. Or convincing them to do a business degree. From what I understand psychopaths do really well in business.

  5. best to regard every kid as a bloody psycho

    P.S. never turn your back on them and always lock the bathroom door when having a shower

  6. Nooooo my little baby is soooooo cute Dunc. I wish I could post a pic on here. Being the grandmother has lots of benefits. She’s just gorgeous!

  7. She grabs it already so is that a sign of what’s to come Susi? lol 😉 She has three little teeth now. “All the better to eat you with my dear”. Soooooo cute.

  8. Hey, kids… let’s go watch some videos of people in pain! What?

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