Businessman From Hell

Businessman who sold fake bomb detecting equipment jailed for 10 yearsBusinessman James McCormick must have thought he had it made. He had a successful business selling bomb detecting equipment to the military, police forces and government departments around the world (mainly Iraq, Egypt and Kenya) . His glossy brochures, which boasted about “the secret chip” that enabled the device to successfully located bombs hidden under ground or underwater, meant he could sell them for $40,000 a pop. Problem was, his bomb detecting equipment was a rip-off of a cheap novelty golf ball finder product that sold for $20 in the US. Damn thing was as useless as the novelty product, and the “secret chip” that he added into the design wasn’t connected to anything. In fact, the device had no moving parts. It is unclear how many innocent lives were lost because of the deceitful Mr McCormick but what is known is he made over $100 million selling them. But as all good things come to those who wait Mr McCormick will be spending the next 10 years in jail.


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9 responses to “Businessman From Hell

  1. Assuming he really knows how to detect bombs he may know how to make them when he’s inside and them KABOOM Loon.

  2. Oops that should be then… Loon is there nothing funny happening out there in the world presently? All I’ve been reading lately is depressed souls and bad behavior. I did see a guy today with a “skeleton” as his passenger and it moved . A bit like Geoff on the Craig Ferguson show.
    Do you watch his show? Very funny Scotsman/Canadian.

  3. 100 million dollars? Now that makes parole something to look forward to. No doubt most of it is invested in the family trust account.

  4. There are days when I simply despise people. The greed of human beings seems to know no bounds at all.

  5. Who was it that said the mushroom
    business was a waste of time? ūüė¶ lol

  6. Red

    This turns my crank in ways which take thousands of words to express.

  7. Binky

    $100 million for ten years. That’s some deterrent.

  8. Mr. James Mc Cormick Hmm must be a Celt. Must find out the prison and drop him a line. Our government probably doesn’t even know about this. I could be his new rep part time of course lol. Just need to top up my super a wee bittie. Oh Julia could you fit me in next week some time there’s something I need to show you lol.

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