Raccoons Mess With Little Girl

They were mean.

They were mean.

Help, help, I’m being held hostage by a bunch of evil raccoons. That’s what the fire rescue service faced when they answered a call about a 12 year old being stuck in a tree. OK, she may have been only 3meters up but every time she moved a gaze of raccoons hissed and growled at her.

Psst Canada


Filed under Friggin Wildlife

7 responses to “Raccoons Mess With Little Girl

  1. Lucky girl…they could have been politicians….

  2. If she had offered them chocolates, there would have been no problem at all.

  3. What, she didn’t have her own gun? Well shoot me down ………….

  4. Could have been a Congress of Baboons

  5. Maybe she will wash her smelly feet next time,
    raccoons hate stinky feet, well that is what I heard
    anyway 🙂 lol Have fun today Loon 🙂 xxxx

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