Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Sneeze

New Strain of Deadly SARS-like virusCover your la mouths people, there is a deadly outbreak of a  SARS-like virus in France and it’s contagious as all hell. The nasty virus has killed over 18 people so far (mostly in Saudi Arabia) but is expected to spread like wildfire. The latest victim contracted nCoV-EMC after sharing a hospital ward with man who contracted it after visiting Dubai.


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3 responses to “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Sneeze

  1. Gees I have some friends in France at the moment taking part in The Battle Of The Nations. Loon I hope you watched it all unfold on my Face Book. I hope nobody sneezes on them !

  2. Why yes Andro it was such and exciting week. So much better than football on telly every night. Australia did well and they are now the first Aussie team to compete. They are all looking forward to starting training for next year. Well done Captain Kit Houston. He was our I.T. guy where I used to work and I guess he got sick of hearing “Houston We Have Problems” lol

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