Those People of Walmart

I was thumbing through the People of Walmart this morning and I couldn’t decide which image horrified me more. Hmm, so I thought, I know,  I’ll  let the Loons decide. Bon appetite!!

Contestant number 1

Contestant number 1

Contestant number 2

Contestant number 2


Contestant number 3 - good lord is that? Oh never mind

Contestant number 3 – good lord is that? Oh never mind





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24 responses to “Those People of Walmart

  1. My vote? Avoid Walmart at all cost…. even if they give everything away for nothing…. I changed my mind about gun control laws… I say let them all have them…. problem eventually solved….. :0

  2. My vote goes to all three and people who live with them should get Nobel prize or something

  3. Mega the things you see when you don’t have a gun.

  4. This is why I never, ever go into Wal-Marts. Not once in 20+ years.

    • I’m thinking maybe you should. Hysterical woman laughing in aisle 5 🙂

      • That’s what I was thinking Loon. I mean they don’t have to be your type of people but good for your sense of humour instead of the usual depressing doom and gloom that’s written. There’s something to say for the idiots you post on here. They brighten up the day, fair dinkum Loon I CRACKED up when I opened this little jewel. Can you imagine Sam Newman in Walmart?

  5. susi spice

    I was so disappointed when I went into war Mart when I was in the states last year… Didn’t see one crazy nutter, weirdo, or freak… I’ll try again this year lol

    • Susi it’s a bit like Sam Newman probably. He visits a town and waits till he finds the most suitable NUTJOBS and PSYCHOS to interview. You don’t have to go to Walmart, just come to Melbourne’s K Marts , builders bums, covered in tatts, no teeth and usually drunk or stoned and that would be a good day.

  6. You have chosen well Loon, actually by the stench of her shorts too bloody well 😦 lmao Oh and number two, is she wearing any? NO DON’T TELL ME IT’S NEARLY TEA TIME 😦 lol

    Of course the top one with the smiling crack is also offensive but who wins? Erm… The fart dropper by an edge 😦 Eeeeeeuw 😦

    Hey have a great weekend Loon 😉 🙂 Andro xxxx

  7. I can’t decide either. I’m really wondering what’s going on with #2 though.


  9. With no 2 is he actually HOLDING HER HAND? Maybe he’s just helping his handicapped sister. Have you noticed sometimes seriously ugly women get quite good looking men?

  10. Number one is just a plumber.

  11. No 3 did what’s called a “SHART”

  12. *whew* I was sure if I kept scrolling I’d see myself in there somewhere…

  13. How did no knickers #2 even get in the door like that???

  14. Ella

    Number 2 isn’t wearing any pants. It looks like there is no underwear either. Who does that?

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