Thanks Google Maps

Chinese man abducted as child finds parents using google mapsA Chinese man who had been abducted 23 years ago has located his real family by using Google Maps. Luo Gang, who was grabbed near his school at the age of 5,  could only remember that the town where he had lived had two bridges so he went searching on Google maps.  He found an area in Sichuan’s Linshui county and contacted a missing children’s website. As luck would have it, they had info on a couple who had lost their son 23 years ago and they were soon reunited. Dear god, doesn’t every friggin town in China have two bridges?


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7 responses to “Thanks Google Maps

  1. susi spice

    The parents response “um… Yeah… Abducted…….that’s it…” lol

  2. Actually what a coincidence the wee toon where I was brought up in Scotland also had two bridges right in the centre of the village.

  3. I guess not. Nice story!

  4. Tissue please…. so nice.

  5. So why was he kidnapped and by whom? I need sauce with this one Loon.

  6. Well there is the bridges of Madison County

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