Can You Smell Something?

Couple change baby's dirty diaper at starbucks tableUm, you might want to bring along some disinfectant the next time you plonk yourself down at a Starbucks in Denver. A couple who couldn’t find a changing table in the restroom, changed their one year old’s dirty diaper at their table. Oh lord, hold the double mocha. When a staff member told them to make sure the seat was wiped when they were done in a “demeaning” tone, the hubby poured coffee on the floor in response. Yes, police were called, no, no one was arrested. Hmm, I suppose they should be grateful the kid was wearing a diaper. If it was a New York Starbucks, well …..


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2 responses to “Can You Smell Something?

  1. Slapping on a diaper is better than
    bare assed smelly asses on the table
    any day and besides the kid has to
    fill its diaper at least ten times a day
    otherwise what’s the point in having
    a smelly kid in the pram? 🙂 lmfao

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