Another Fine Mess For Venezuela

Venezuela running out of toilet paperThe good folks in Venezuela are running out of toilet paper. Seems toilet paper manufacturers are finding it hard to break even, thanks to the price capping introduced by the late Hugo Chavez and so they simply aren’t bothering to make any. Many are crying for a “revolution” so they can wipe their butts.


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18 responses to “Another Fine Mess For Venezuela

  1. AND so they should but in the mean time just use newspaper, the ink will be on your butt but nobody will even see it. It’s still a shitty situation to be in all the same.

  2. SQUAT dear people …. no toilet paper required…. it is the way our body is designed to function. No pushing, no piles….no problem…. above all….no dirty ass….next.

    • And what if you have the runs and it sticks to your bum Mega? Bums aren’t Teflon coated you know.

      • Eeeeeeeeeeeeuw did you really
        have to say that Celtic Queen? 😦 lol
        Runny bottoms everywhere are
        now screaming out for a good wipe…

        Enjoy your day CQ 🙂 😉 Andro xxxx

    • YES NEXT… lol
      Hope you don’t have
      need of any toilet roll
      Mega, I know that in
      Venezuela there is a
      shortage of slaves to
      wipe their masters big
      smelly hairy cheesey
      asses, mind you there
      is a rumour that in parts
      of Pakistan and India
      they have a chapati
      shortage but don’t ask
      me why? 😦 lmao

      Have a fun day Megga 🙂


  3. Binky

    IN many countries they don’t use toilet paper. . .

  4. susi spice

    Well I’d like to see all u naysayers to be forced to go without tp or something u feel u need. Yes there are countries that don’t use tp at all, they r also countries where dengue fever is common and the plague still exists.

  5. There is always the three shells method
    but in case of a shortage of those I guess
    pointing a finger in the right direction will
    help the dire situation 😦 lmao

  6. Something smells fishy…or like ass

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