Forget Paranormal Activity

Man filming paranormal activity catches partner having sex with teenage sonA man in Tassie set up a video camera in his house in an attempt to capture  paranormal activity but instead caught abnormal activity. Yep, he captured footage of his partner having sex with his teenage son. Holy ghost Batman, that’s going to make Christmas dinner awkward.


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7 responses to “Forget Paranormal Activity

  1. Apparently the camera was even very well hidden from the ghost lol. I think dad knew who the ghost was all the time. His son having it off with his missus. Did this happen in Tasmania by any chance.

  2. If it is her blood son, she is sick and so is he…if not, dirty little bastard needs his ass kicked by his father and mother needs serious help….
    Good old Tassie…

    • susi spice

      step mum mega… and that kid was totally braggin to his mates.. “dudes i totally just did my step mom..” and then i imagine some sort of “road trip” scene with “milf! milf! milf!!” being shouted by some drunken teenage boys.

  3. He was definitely spirited with his advances 😉 lmao

  4. cocky wee b8stard 😆

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