Oklahoma Teachers Are Tornado Heroes

I would just like to give a shout out to all the teachers of the two Oklahoma Elementary Schools who used themselves as human shields to protect the children. Heroes. The photo below shows a collection of images of teachers comforting their students in the aftermath.

Oklahoma teachers become heroes after tornado hits schools



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8 responses to “Oklahoma Teachers Are Tornado Heroes

  1. Whilst I agree with our sentiments what were they doing at school if they knew this was heading somewhere? I’d be headed for the bunker. Also if you lived in that area wouldn’t it be part of the planning permit or legislation for each family to have one? The bureau of meteorology would have know this was about to happen or does it happen that quickly?

    • They had 15 minutes warning. Unfortunately when there is a direct hit there isn’t anywhere to run 😯

      • Oz is a country of red dust, same problem but we have underground homes in the hottest parts where people live to be able to survive, almost one whole town in fact is underground and so much red dust your golf course Loon is little rocks . We have underground trains and underground tunnels. In Europe we can travel to other parts of the world under water. What a poor effort in not contructing safe zones in areas where this weather pattern happens. It’s not like it’s new. Imagine living with the thought of, “what if ” every night???? It’s hard to believe the bureau of meteorology can’t see this coming if like you say they had 15 minutes warning. Poor people, very scary indeed.

    • Generally, the schools in Tornado Alley have safe zones built in and are often part of the community storm safety management procedure. This was a level 4 and might well be upgraded to a level 5. They had 15 minute warning, they followed procedure to keep the children safe. They also took a direct hit.

      The ground in that area as with most of the ground in Oklahoma and North Texas is red clay, we can’t build basements or truely stable storm cellars.

      This was what we call a monster storm.

  2. They were brave indeed my great friend 🙂 🙂

    You were right about the missing teenager Loon and what a very sad outcome, it just shows everyone that the Internet can be a very dangerous playing ground, a jungle filled with predatory filthy creeps and fiends 😦

    Nichole liked the colour yellow so I will find a nice flower and add it to my side bar in her memory, I know that I did not know her but she deserves to be remembered. Have a lovely day today Loon 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  3. Binky

    There are always some real heroes in these terrible disasters.

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