Why Bother

man-committed-20-break-ins-wearing-an-ankle-monitorOK Ohio police, about those ankle monitors. Some crim in Ohio committed 20 break-ins while out on parole and wearing an ankle monitor. His spree ended at Walmart. And yes, he was wearing the monitor. Hmm, so does amyone monitor the monitors?

Psst Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman.


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4 responses to “Why Bother

  1. Binky

    What has the world come to when we can’t trust the criminals to monitor themselves?

  2. Why don’t the alarm bells ring when he steps out of bound? Or has that not been invented yet?…curious….

  3. It should blow his or her foot off if they go beyong the boudary 🙂 How do you mean that seems a bit harsh? Well it would learn theose dumb crims a lesson for sure and the cops could carry on doing what some of them do best, which is naff all 🙂 lmao

    Enjoy your day and evening Loon xxxx

  4. Well at least we know where he is

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