Mom vs Terrorists

Mom vs Woolwich terroristWhile London police took their own sweet time 20 minutes to arrive at the scene of a horrific machette and knife attack on a soldier outside the Woolwich Barracks today, a badass Cub Scout leader and mother of two confronted the attackers. Yep, this modern day hero jumped from a bus to try and shield the soldier and persuade the knife weilding attackers to put down their weapons. Mrs Loyau-Kennett, 48, from Cornwall said to the first terrorist “right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose, what would you like to do?” and he said “I would like to stay and fight.” She then went over to the second guy and said ‘well, what about you?’ Meanwhile the crowd that gathered watched in stunned silence , many capturing everything on their cellphone while  tick tock, tick tock, everyone waited for police to arrive.


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9 responses to “Mom vs Terrorists

  1. The very word “beheading” send shivers down my spine and yet here we are again confronted by crazy Muslims. The cops should just have taken them out there and then . One in the head and be done with it. It’s a shocker it really is.

  2. Good to know there are still brave people in Europe. Where I live I have heard of too many people who look the other way.

  3. It is an outrage that it took twenty minutes
    to respond to this terror attack, it is a wonder
    that it wasn’t a slaughter-fest 😦 Hopeless…

  4. Just heard on Aussie news that a friend of the two Muslim bombers has been shot dead by the FBI. Good job well done.

  5. And the idiots (the brits) will continue to defend and support the proliferation; with lunacy, of the great british mosque building program.

  6. It’s kind of slowed down in Melbourne. We seemed to have mosques popping up all over the place but I haven’t seen any go up for a while. We do have however, a beautiful Buddhist temple just completed in Sunshine. Looks amazing. We don’t have any problem with Buddhist or Hindu here, just the Muslims. The others integrate well and work really hard. It’s not all about them as it is with the Muslims. Sydney seems to bear the brunt of the Muslim problem In Oz.

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