What the Frock!

Confusion over sex of bank robberThere is much confusion over the gender of an Iowa bank robber , after the image of her/him wearing a slinkly lime dress was posted on a police Facebook site. Seems many believe she is infact a he and is simply wearing the “mullet dress” (short in front, long in back) as a disguise. Awkward for the robber either way.


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7 responses to “What the Frock!

  1. I have no idea whether that’s a man or a woman Loon. But if you ask me, a bank with such crummy surveillance equipment in this day and age is just asking to be robbed!

  2. It has to be a woman, a man would have had better taste in clothing.

  3. Where the hell were the fashion police!!!!

  4. All Bank robbin’ business in the front, but… er… wait…

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