Baby Found In Sewer Pipe

Of all the most disturbing things I have read over the years, this one pretty much takes the cake. Some lowlife parents of a newborn baby flushed him down a toilet because they didn’t want him. Fortunately residents in the apartment building reported the sound of a baby crying in a sewer pipe and called authorities. The baby was eventually extracted from the 4 inch wide pipe and remains in a stable condition despite being covered in crap. No word on who the parents are.

Psst China


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7 responses to “Baby Found In Sewer Pipe

  1. I just read this before on ninemsn. How could they??? The baby survived which is just unbelievable. Poor little bub.

  2. I can’t ‘Like’ this, but I do Like that you shared it.
    It’s horribly sad but there ARE sick twisted people out there. Didn’t China lift the ban on two children per household? Know that there was a shocking problem with parents killing newborn girls for many years. They preferred a boy (for cultural and monetary reasons) and so parents killed their female babies to stay within the government guidelines.

  3. I saw this story on the News24 channel
    this evening, it’s a wonder they got this baby
    out alive but I am so pleased that the
    outcome was a positive one 🙂

  4. Like Rachael, I cannot bring myself to like this. Praise to the responders, trained and untrained who fought to save this poor infant.I hope the find the parents and beat them within a breath of their life, let them recover and then beat them again. I hope the do this repeatedly for years.

  5. A whole new meaning to humanity going down the drain…..

  6. Binky

    Hard to believe. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the parents with DNA testing. And someone must have been pregnant.

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