Who Didn’t See This Coming?

First bike stolen in New York bike share programNew York City are about to launch a bike-share program and they have already had the first bike stolen.


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8 responses to “Who Didn’t See This Coming?

  1. ???? Bike share? It can never be stolen…… it is friggin bike SHARE….Anyone can take a share bike … can’t they???? Built a GPS into it and bingo….we know where you are….The Dutch hippies had bike share going in the seventies and eighties. The bikes where painted pink… A little love and huge quantities of pot makes for a better World…don’t you think?

  2. Many universities have bike shares, didn’t NYC check how they made it work before the lauch? What dingbats.

  3. Binky

    One down, five hundred more to go.

  4. as if NYC will ever attain the civilized level of Amsterdam. Oh well, too bad there are the bad apples in the big apple.

  5. It will all end in tears Loon 😦 lmao

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